Abstract Submission

The 3rd  Men’s Health Congress 2019 is now accepting abstracts.

We encourage International and Regional Experts to submit their scientific papers.

Submit your Abstract now!

Abstract Submission Deadline – April 30, 2019

Abstract Content and Format:

Abstracts should be structured based on the following:
  • Abstract (maximum of 100 words) – a brief summary of the presentation.
  • Introduction or Aims (maximum of 50 words) – should be informative and brief, stating why the study was conducted.
  • Materials & Methods (maximum of 50 words) – stating the locale, number and type of human subjects, non-human species or material being studied, the principal test(s) held, and the types of statistical analysis if appropriate;
  • Results (maximum of 50 words) – confirming or confuting the hypothesis, backed up by statistics if appropriate;
  • Conclusions (maximum of 50 words) – indicating the effect of the study on patient management, our understanding of basic processes with the organism, or the way in which we teach students or patients.
  • Content
  • The submitted abstract should match the categories mentioned in the speaker abstract form.
  • Abstract content should comply with the maximum number of words stated above, single-line spacing.
  • The abstract must be in English.
  • Abstracts should be submitted online.
  • Abstracts that are handwritten or sent by fax will not be accepted.
  • Abstract content must meet the standard of an academic / scientific presentation.
  • The outline must have an Introduction, Objectives, Materials and Methods, Results and Conclusions.
Important Note:
  • The Organizer provides a theatre style setup and stage equipped with a screen and a laptop.
  • The Scientific Committee will evaluate all abstracts and they will be selected on the basis of validity, novelty and significance.
  • Expenses associated with preparation, submission and presentation of an abstract are the responsibility of the presenting authors.
  • For any withdrawals, the presenter should notify the organiser in writing at least 1 month prior to the event.
  • The presentation must cover the same material as the abstract
  • The authors will be notified regarding acceptance of their abstracts and the type of presentation by May 15,2019.
    Deadline for Submission: April 30, 2019

Submit your Abstract now!


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